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Recommended websites

Main websites on l'île de Ré : the official website of l'île de Ré : the same as above but in English

Local newspapers : THE weekly local paper read almost everywhere : bimonthly magazine about living (and buying and renting) in France : the local daily newspaper

House rentals

Clients' websites :

La Maison du guara (La Couarde)

La Maison du Morinand (Le Bois plage)

L'avocette (La Flotte)

La Reglisse (Le Bois) (ref. 2092) (ref. 303)

Large house with a park and a pool in La Rochelle

La maison fleurie (St Martin)

Large house by the sea (Rivedoux) (Le Bois) (La Rochelle) (Ste Marie) (Rivedoux) (Ste Marie)


« Bonnes adresses »: : a rather upmarket « bistrot de la mer», on the sea side, near the port of Rivedoux ; a great place for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even after dinner nightlife.

chaloupe snow.jpg (Partagée) : a seaside « paillotte » on the beach on the south coast of Rivedoux : bar, jet-ski club, kayaks hire... : restaurant/tapas bar, on the « ilot », right in the heart of St Martin : an upmarket bed & breakfast in Rivedoux, very near the beach, with a pool, beautiful furniture and delicious breakfast.

Other recommended places (with or without their own website).

These restaurants are recommended because we know and like them. But this does not mean that other places can not be recommended, it is just that maybe we have not been able to try them... yet.

Rivedoux :

La Chaloupe : see above

Le M : a rather elegant and upmarket restaurant (seafood). On the port.

Les Viviers : little (unpretentious) restaurant; very fresh fish and sea food. By the sea, towards la Flotte.

La Flotte :

Chai nous comme chai vous : imaginative « restaurant gastronomique »,. Very good value for money. One of our favourites. On the port.

Le Gourmand'ine : small eatery very popular with the locals. Serves non-fashionable, and therefore cheap, but typically French « family cuisine ». Situated in the Village artisanal de la Croix-Michaud.

Le Richelieu : an upmarket and rather classy « restaurant gastronomique » with a fantastic view. Facing the sea, a few hundred metres from the port.

L'endroit du Goinfre : a typical "bistrot" that serves excellent "bistrot" and "très Français" dishes such as Tartare steak, monkfish pavé, pigs feet, etc.

Ste Marie :

Chai Pépette : well known « bistrot » and wine bar. Maybe the best "entrecôte » (steak) on the island.

Les Tilleuls : well known « crêperie ». Place des Tilleuls.

St Martin :


Côté Jardin : Delicate and delicious food served either inside or (much better) in the little courtyard at the back. A magical moment. Opposite the mini-golf in the parc de la Barbette.

Le Cervane : see above.

Le Serghi : a beautiful room, a nice terrace with a good view of the side of the port, an inventive chef and constant quality in the plate.

Un air de famille : a rather « feminine » restaurant which serves « quiches », salads, white wine, etc . Very cosy atmosphere. Opposite the Post Office..

O Parloir : simple, fresh and well presented dishes served in a beautiful open air terrace.

Le Bois-plage 

L'Océan : a well-known restaurant. When you have come once, you will come again because the (inventive) food and service are always good. 172 rue St Martin.

La Couarde :

Le Taxi Brousse : an institution during the summer only. The food is fashionable, the service relaxed and the jungle-type "décor" makes all the difference. Near the beach, off the Mail.

La Terrasse : a « canteen » favoured by the locals. Nice fireplace, good « mainstream » food. Open all year. On the Mail.

Ars :

Le café du commerce : a sort of Parisian brasserie opposite the port. Burgers a speciality.

Loix :

La Presqu'ile : bar-restaurant well known for its night life during the high season. Place de la Mairie.

St Clément :

A l'Ouest : bar-restaurant where « brasserie » food is served all year. Becomes a music bar at night.

Le Chat Botté : « restaurant gastronomique » weel known, all over the region and maybe the country, for its « bar en croute » (sea bass). One of the top places on the island. Centre of the village.

Les Portes :

Le Chasse-marée : very inventive world cuisine. Centre of the village.