The 7th of November 2021, our two skippers left for a cruse through the Atlantic Ocean.


This year, La Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre and the 79 duos competitors left for Martinic Island !

Here a pictures and feedbacks of a awesome trip !

A hard start to the race since it started without a hair of wind! If this scenario is frequent in summer, it is much more improbable in November off the coast of Le Havre.

For great evils, great remedies: our duo ended up releasing the GENNAK

We know in advance that nights in the deckchair are not easy. We must continue the maneuvers as in broad daylight. The exercise is not easy.

The J0, with subscribers absent on the Transat, was terribly missed by the skippers.

This was followed by repairs on the Gennak’, a pilot who did as he pleased (30 degrees to the right then to the left..)

But that was without counting on the unfailing good humor of Lulu and Antoine who, whatever the transat conditions, gave us their best smiles every day!

The sea offers unforgettable moments, let’s take care of it and avoid polluting it: Antoine and Lulu have crossed the path of dolphins, a sight they are not ready to forget!

They arrived on December 2. It is therefore in 24 days that Antoine and Lulu took up this challenge brilliantly.

All along, they held on despite the somewhat unusual conditions and above all…they were able to keep smiling!

Thanks to them for taking us on this EXTRAORDINARY adventure, for making us dream and for sharing their daily lives.

Souvenirs onboard