Approval from the Prefecture and tax deduction

In May 2003, HOLIDAY SERVICES received an official Approval from the Prefecture de Charente-Maritime in La Rochelle. It was renewed in May 2007. It guarantees that HOLIDAY SERVICES, under the supervision of the DDTEFP (the local Division of Labour, Employment and Professional Training) follows strict and specific rules, regarding services, employment and tax.

Thanks to this Approval, taxpayers in France (whether French or not), clients of HOLIDAY SERVICES, can deduct up to 50% of the cost of the service from their income tax, within the limit of 7 500 euros per fiscal year (50% of 15 000 euros). Ref. Article 199 sexdéciès, French Code Général des Impôts.


This Approval concerns only approved services such as: house cleaning, gardening, visits, handiwork, baby-sitting, etc. More specific services are allowed but are not concerned by the Approval and, therefore, the tax deduction.