Frequently Asked Questions

a) Can I choose services if I do not need them all ?

Of course. Everything is “à la carte”. Services are chosen by you, when the contract is signed: you can choose a lot of gardening or no gardening; one visit per week or one per month only, etc. If your needs or wishes change, the services can change. They are dispatched differently. New services can also be added (an additional clause is then added to the contract).

b) Is the tax deduction valid for a non-French resident ?

See « Approval from the Prefecture and tax deduction »


c) Is it possible to rely on HOLIDAY SERVICES in the case of deliveries or if skilled workers, for instance, have to work in the house ?

Yes, the time credit for regular visits can be used for that.

d) I own a house which I also rent. can HOLIDAY SERVICES help ?

Yes and no for HOLIDAY SERVICES is not an estate agency. HOLIDAY SERVICES cannot “represent” its clients, legally speaking. Owners must take care of their rentals. They can then rely on Bonnes vacances ! (a different entity but with the same management as Holiday Services) once the “paperwork” is completed.

e) How can I test the service ?

During the trial period (three or six months) which is mentioned in the contract. It is also possible to cancel the contract at any time, with two month’s notice.


f) Do HOLIDAY SERVICES employees use their own equipment ?

Absolutely. We own our own vehicles aswell as all our equipment (industrial machines at our own laundry place, all machines and tools for the garden, small equipment, etc.)

g) If I work with Holiday services, can I also work with other craftsmen?

Of course. As soon as a task gets too specific and requires a knowledge which is outside what Holiday services can do (i.e chimney cleaning, eradication of insects, electricity, etc.), more specialised craftsmen do the job. These can be chosen by us or by you.