Visitors' book

A few recent notes and encouragements written by clients of HOLIDAY SERVICES : owners, their guests, friends, relatives or tenants.

Mr & Mrs V. - St Clément

« Information and advice more than welcome  »


Charlotte B. 14 years old - St Martin

« Were you happy with our services ? Yes and even more than happy. I think it is even better than good : the house is nice. Everything was nice, even the weather »


Véronique B, her mother

« a nice welcome »


Mr & Mrs M

« We were pleased with everything. The warm welcome, the availability of the agent, giving all the useful information for our stay, the little present on the first day. Everything was perfect. We will come back. »


M & Mrs V - St Martin

« Excellent. The services were exactly what we expected. No complaints. Don’t change a thing. »


M.M H - St Clément

« A warm welcome and excellent service. »


Mr G - St Martin

« Thank you for being so available and so kind. The advice and information were very useful. We will, no doubt, call you again. »


M.M N - St Clément

« Excellent service and a nice house. A very enjoyable stay »


M.M A - St Martin

« Perfect service. »


M.M F - St Martin

« We appreciated the quality of all services. Thank you for the high chair which added comfort for our baby to our stay. »


M.M B - St Clément

« Excellent welcome and good advice which helped us enjoy our holiday. It is nice to know that you can rely on an organisation in case something wrong happens. The service was of high quality. We were delighted to experience this new type of informal, yet professional reception. Continue ! » 


M. C - St Martin

« Excellent service, very professional, perfect ! »


M.M L – St Martin

« A warm welcome; we will remember the excellent availability and the sympathetic ear of your team and yourself. »


M.M B. – la Couarde

« … availability of the agent even during the high season… »


M.M P– St Martin

« Excellent greeting and great availability »


M.M L – Ste Marie

« I wish to thank you for your greeting and the reactivity of your team »


M.M.C – St Clément

« … we appreciated the efficient yet warm welcome. As for the rest = everything perfect »


M.M R – la Couarde

« … the people greeted by you or your staff were very pleased… »


M.M F – St Clément

« … thank your for everything. We will see you soon. »


M.M M.- St Clément

« … kind welcome and efficient. »


M.M B. – St Martin

« Excellent welcome and availability »



« Everything was very good »


M.M. L

« It was perfect »



« You are always reliable and available and have a very good knowledge of the place. »


M.M A– La Flotte

« …Congratulations ! I twas great to have the beds made when we arrived… »


M.M C – la Couarde

« Excellent service »


M.M W. – Ste Marie

« Very professional, good information, good service »


M.M S – Ste Marie

« Great ! We’ll keep the address for next year ! »